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“The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.”

- Derek Walcott


English Literature Degree


In this globalized world, English language does not only centre around the countries of UK and US but also constitutes a mixture of varied other languages and cultures. The English literature has stood out to be all the more significant since it contains the translated texts of a wide range of languages. In the rat race for better jobs, communicating via English language gives an extra edge over others. In the increasingly global corporate world, English is the common factor for written legal documentations, online businesses and in various verbal communications related fields. With limitless prospects in various jobs, English is considered the lingua franca of travel, business and international relations. From enhancing one’s resume to teaching immigrant students, the expanse of English language is increasing seamlessly with every passing hour.

Careers in English 


Careers in English Language 

The knowledge area of English Language provides a large variety of career prospects. Some of the brightest career options have been mentioned as follows:

  • Postsecondary Teachers (Humanities): One of the most popular jobs for the English Language students. From giving lessons on various historical journals and research works to providing lectures on the various anthropological topics, this job profile demands knowledge as well as experience. This job demands English prowess both in written and oral communication. The candidates applying for this job should be equally well trained in conversing with huge crowds to develop great societal relations.

  • Interpreters and Translators: To spread business overseas, many companies recruit well trained interpreters and translators to negotiate with the clients on various project-based meetings. With attentively listening to the speaker, the interpreter needs to possess a chiseled memory to retain all the information and thereby release the output with immaculate precision in the desired language. Since English language is being hailed as a global language, the need of interpreters and translators in this line has seen a whopping rise.

  • Court reporters: Being recruited as a court reporter, a candidate must be technically aware of various software related to the picturesque planning of enterprise resource, word processing, voice recognition etc. However, the prime quality for this job demands a strong command over the English language which will indeed support great conversations or rather debates in various legal proceedings. Via the usage of varied methods, the court reporters can be even expected to take up mails or reports.

  • Speech–Language Pathologists: This job post qualifies as one of the most wanted jobs for the English language degree holders. This job expects the candidate to be extremely fluent in English mediated conversations apart from being capable of monitoring and maintaining precise documents regarding the patients and their respective treatments. The candidates should be very good at categorically assessing the patients’ speech issues and should accordingly teach them the correct language and pronunciations. The recruited ones are also expected to learn the usage of the word recognition software.

  • Technical writers: With the growing tussle among the varied business tycoons, the companies aim at recruiting efficient technical writers to compile detailed written documents and files which deal with the various interviews or research journals. The technical writers ought to have a good command over verbal and written English language to duly observe and scrutinize events before sketching them down on papers.

Other job opportunities for English students 

Apart from these jobs, there are many gig jobs as well for professionals in this field. There are a huge number of freelance opportunities online for designing, editing and proofreading documents and manuscripts etc. and a good profile can be an excellent source of income as well. 

With the massive increase in the business sectors, the opportunity for better career prospects is also increasing. Students should simply follow their passion and aim at jobs which will truly nourish their skills and provide a good paycheck at the end of the day.

Courses in English

Since English is among the primary mediums of instruction across the world and widely taught as a language, there are a large number of students who pursue their higher education in this field.  

  • BA English Literature/ BA English Literature (Hons):

 Students can also opt for specialized courses like New Literature, Women Studies etc. Those seeking employment have several options like after finishing BA English students can pursue careers in the fields of journalism, teaching, mass communication, publishing etc. A Bachelor’s in English opens the way to many Post-graduation options like English, Mass Communication, Journalism, International Studies etc. 

  • M.A. English Literature:

 After BA English Literature/BA English Literature(Hons) one can opt for M.A. English Literature

  • M.Phil. in English Literature:

Following an MA in English Literature, a student can pursue an M.Phil. in any of the literary fields. M.Phil. stands for Master of Philosophy, and it is a program that is both theoretical and research-based. It is an excellent option for students who want to pursue a career in academia and conduct literature studies.

 Following are the courses they can opt in M.Phil.:

  1. M.Phil. in English Literature

  2. M.Phil. in Creative Writing

  3. M.Phil. in Language and Literature

  4. M.Phil. in Linguistics

  5. M.Phil. in Comparative Literature

  6. M.Phil. in Comparative Religion

  7. M.Phil. in Translation Literature

  8. Ph.D in English Language or Literature

Other courses English graduates can pursue are

  1. Masters of Journalism/ Masters of Journalism and Mass Communications

  2. Master of Business Administration (Human Resources / Marketing etc)

  3. B.Ed (English)

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions by students.

What is the syllabus to crack the English entrance examinations?

For a Bachelor's course, usually admissions to the universities are given based on the class 12th marks. However, some universities might even have an additional entrance paper to evaluate the candidates. Questions are set on general knowledge, numerical aptitude, logical reasoning and domain knowledge. M.A. entrance remains more specific to the domain knowledge consisting of the history of the language, the literary theories and criticism, the usage of the language in Indian context and the development of translated texts.

What are the career options for English and Foreign Languages?

From being HR managers in IT companies to being a Government Official, a candidate in this course can simply dream for anything under the sun.

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