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Alternate Titles: 

Agricultural worker,Farm labourer,Farm worker,Herdsman,Shepherd

Job Description: 

Farm workers perform a variety of tasks, by hand and machine, to produce and harvest crops and to breed and rear cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.


There are no minimum academic entry requirements. Training is typically received on-the-job, supplemented by vocational training at an agricultural college. A variety of NVQs/SVQs in Agriculture are available at Levels 1 and 2, together with BTEC diplomas and apprenticeships in some areas.
Refer The S/NVQ framework for more details


The simplified NS-SEC analytic class for this code is 6
The simplified NS-SEC operational category for this code is 12.5
Refer The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification for more details


  • operates farm machinery to prepare soil, fertilise and treat crops;
  • cultivates growing crops by hoeing, spraying and thinning as necessary;
  • weighs and measures foodstuffs, feeds animals and checks them for any signs of disease;
  • cleans barns, sheds, pens, yards, incubators and breeding units and sterilises milking and other equipment as necessary;
  • treats minor ailments and assists veterinary surgeon as required;
  • moves and handles livestock and tends them during birth and rearing of young;
  • carries out maintenance on farm buildings, hedges, ditches and erects and repairs fences.
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