Job Title: 


Alternate Titles: 

Administration supervisor,Clerical supervisor,Facilities supervisor,Office supervisor

Job Description: 

Office supervisors oversee operations and directly supervise and coordinate the activities of those carrying out general administrative and clerical work and performing specialist administrative and clerical duties in relation to finance, records, sales and other services to a variety of commercial, industrial and other non-governmental organisations and public agencies.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though GCSEs/S grades are advantageous. Entrants will normally have significant relevant work experience and may require professional qualifications in some areas.
Refer The S/NVQ framework for more details


The simplified NS-SEC analytic class for this code is 2
The simplified NS-SEC operational category for this code is 6
Refer The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification for more details


  • directly supervises and coordinates the activities of office staff;
  • establishes and monitors work schedules to meet the organisation?s requirements;
  • liaises with managers and other senior staff to resolve operational problems;
  • determines or recommends staffing and other needs to meet the organisation?s requirements;
  • reports as required to managerial staff on work-related matters.
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