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Dispensing technician,Pharmaceutical technician,Pharmacy technician

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Pharmaceutical technicians work in hospitals or in the community and assist pharmacists in the preparation and dispensing of drugs and medicines.


Entrants to training usually possess GCSEs/S grades or the equivalent. Training is typically a combination of practical experience and study at a college or by open learning towards vocational qualifications. To register as a pharmacy technician with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain an NVQ/ SVQ in Pharmacy Services at Level 3 is required
Refer The S/NVQ framework for more details


The simplified NS-SEC analytic class for this code is 3
The simplified NS-SEC operational category for this code is 7.3
Refer The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification for more details


  • checks received prescriptions for legality and accuracy
  • prepares drugs and medicines under the supervision of pharmacist
  • prepares specialised, tailor-made drugs for intravenous administration by hospital medical staff;
  • labels and checks items prior to dispensing
  • maintains records of prescriptions received and drugs issued
  • advises patients or customers on the use of drugs prescribed or medication purchased over the counter
  • checks stock levels, orders new stock from pharmaceutical companies and ensures that drugs are stored appropriately
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