Job Title: 


Alternate Titles: 

Inspector (National Probation Service),Probation officer,Youth justice officer

Job Description: 

Probation officers work to rehabilitate offenders. They supervise, counsel and help them before trial, during any prison or community sentence and on release from prison.


Candidates are recruited with a variety of academic qualifications or with relevant experience. In England and Wales all candidates must complete a two-year Diploma in Probation studies. There is a minimum age limit of 20 years to undertake training. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, entry requirements are the same as for social workers. Background checks including a CRB check are required.
Refer The S/NVQ framework for more details


The simplified NS-SEC analytic class for this code is 1.2
The simplified NS-SEC operational category for this code is 3.2
Refer The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification for more details


  • produces pre-sentence reports to the court about an individual?s crime, their personal circumstances, the suitability of sentencing, the likelihood of re-offending and the future risk to the public;
  • enforces court orders and serves the public by providing a wide range of supervision programmes for those in receipt of a community sentence;
  • draws up probation plans with offenders and helps them follow it, advises them on any work and helps them with any family or social problems;
  • works with prisoners in giving advice on problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, addressing training needs, finding work and getting accommodation;
  • keeps accurate and comprehensive records.
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