76-Secondary education teachers

Job Title: 

Secondary education teachers

Job Description: 

Teach one or more subjects at secondary education level, excluding subjects intended to prepare students for employment in specific occupational areas, vocational education and training or higher education.


Secondary education teachers teach students in one or more subjects, such as mathematics, science, art, health and physical education, technology, languages other than Arabic (e.g. English), studies of society and environment, and home economic at the secondary level in public or private schools. They may be designated according to subject matter specialty.


Job activities and tasks include:

  • designing and modifying curricula and preparing educational courses of study in accordance with curriculum guidelines
  • establishing and enforcing rules for behaviour and procedures for maintaining order among students
  • preparing and giving lessons, discussions, and demonstrations in one or more subjects
  • establishing clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects and communicating those objectives to students
  • preparing materials and classrooms for class activities
  • adapting teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students? varying needs and interests
  • observing and evaluating students? performance and behaviour
  • preparing, administering and marking tests, assignments and examinations to evaluate pupils? progress
  • preparing reports about pupils? work and conferring with other teachers and parents
  • participating in meetings concerning the school?s educational or organizational policies
  • planning, organizing and participating in school activities such as excursions, sporting events and concerts

Higher specialized knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in field of work, discipline and/or professional practice

  • Advanced knowledge of analyzing, planning, managing and establishing ideas, policies, strategies, projections and/or conditions in the field of work, discipline and/or professional practice
  • Higher knowledge of research principles and methods
  • Higher knowledge of high level governance of systems, processes and procedures including legislative, regulatory, standards, codes and conventions
  • Broad knowledge of recent developments in the field of work, discipline and/or professional practice
  • Broad knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in management, economics, finance, statistics and fiscal disciplines related to the field of work and/or professional practice
  • Broad knowledge of political, government, legislative and regulatory systems related to the field of work
  • Broad knowledge of laws, regulations, standards codes and conventions of the UAE and specific Emirates related to the field of work, discipline and/or professional practice and more general subjects including OHSE and cultural understanding and awareness
  • Broad knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in sensitively managing complex ethical issues
  • Leverage information technology, management information systems, management techniques and tools for optimal field of work performance and/or professional practice
  • Skills in research, analysis, consultation and synthesis of information to evaluate ideas, policies, strategies, projections and/or conditions and produce recommendations and/ or relevant options
  • Manage higher level relationships and organize related activities of respective stakeholders
  • Higher skills and experience in broad based policy analysis, formulation and research, plus planning in sensitive and confidential environment
  • Develop concepts and convey strategic suggestions from the spectrum of development experience
  • Broad level negotiation cultural sensitivity and diplomatic skills
  • Use of information, tools, resources to support broad-level and complex work achievement
  • Work sensitively and effectively in a multi-cultural environment
  • Work with others to develop creative solutions to complex predictable and new contexts problems
  • Communicate with effect, and a proven record of developing and maintaining active partnerships across an organization and with diverse external clients and other key stakeholders
  • Highly developed higher oral and written communication, interpersonal and representational skills, and a proven ability to use these skills to prepare and present clear, concise, high quality advice
  • Highly developed leadership and effective management skills, with capacity to implement and sustain improvements within a team environment, as well as the ability to work flexibly and cooperatively as a member of a team
  • Personal drive and integrity, the ability to self-manage and the capacity to identify and effectively control risks associated with change, as well observe ethical standards related to complex ethical issues
  • Achieving results within tight timelines, and capacity to set and implement new policy directions
  • Highly developed broad organizational skills, including the ability to organize priorities and meet tight deadlines
  • Work Context: 

    Work in a structured and conducive learning environment with the need to continually update subject knowledge and teaching methods through private study and professional development activities.


    Bachelor of Education or specific field of work/discipline, higher qualification or equivalent and in some instances may require a post graduate qualification in education and/or speciality subject area.

    Required Work Experience: 

    5 years and above

    Probable Employers: 

    Emirates National School, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Shaheen Development, UAE Ministry of Education, Institute of Applied Technology

    Occupational Size: 
    More than 5,000 and less than 30,000 with a particular acute shortage of male teachers.
    Expected Earnings: 

    Above the industry average

    Projected Growth: 
    Very good
    Alternate Titles: 

    Examples of job titles:
    Secondary education teacher - High school teacher
    Examples of some related occupations:
    Arabic teacher - English teacher - Math teacher (mathematics teacher) - Social studies teacher - Science teacher - Language teacher - High school English/Arabic teacher - Secondary teacher - Art teacher - History teacher - Secondary school principal - High school teacher - Early childhood teacher - Education officer - Public education officer - Physical education teacher - Special education teacher - Music teacher

    UAE Industry Groups: 
    Government, public administration and education services
    International Careers(ISCO): 
    Source Of Info: 
    Occupations and Careers Handbook for UAE Nationals(Copyright NQA ). Referenced from New York University, Abu Dhabhi