42-Plumbers and pipe fitters

Job Title: 

Plumbers and pipe fitters

Job Description: 

Assemble, install, or repair pipes, fittings, or fixtures of heating, water or gas, drainage or waste systems, according to specifications or plumbing codes.


Plumbers, pipe, gas fitters assemble, install, repair and maintain pipe systems, drains, gutters, ducts and related fittings and fixtures for water, gas, drainage, sewerage, heating cooling and ventilation systems, and for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Most people are familiar with plumbers who come to their home to unclog a drain or fix a leaking toilet. Plumbers, pipelayers, pipefitters, and steamfitters install, maintain, and repair many different types of pipe systems. Plumbers, pipe, gas fitters may be self?employed or employed by plumbing, piping, gas fitting contractors, utilities, operations and maintenance departments of various facilities.


Job activities and tasks include:

  • examining and using blueprints drawings and specifications to determine the layout of plumbing and ventilation systems and materials required
  • measuring, cutting, threading, bending, jointing, assembling, installing, maintaining and repairing pipes, fittings and fixtures of drainage, heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems
  • installing gas fixtures, appliances, dishwashers and water heaters, sinks and toilets using hand and power tools
  • laying clay, concrete, cast-iron, steel, non-metallic or plastic pipes in ditches to form sewers, drains or water mains, or for other purposes
  • planning and preparing the installation, inspections, examinations, repairs, modifications, troubleshooting or testing activities of piping and gasfitting systems that include pipes, fittings and fixtures and associated devices
  • establishing methods to meet work schedules and coordinate work activities with other bodies or trades and which includes requesting relevant materials and supplies
  • installing, maintaining, modifying, troubleshooting, testing and repairing piping and gasfitting systems
  • inspecting, examining and testing installed systems and pipes, using specialist equipment including pressure gauges, hydrostatic testing, observation or other methods

Knowledge of laws, regulations, standards and codes of the UAE and specific Emirates related to plumbing and gasfitting in the building and construction industry and more general subjects including OHSE and cultural understanding and awareness

  • Knowledge of materials, construction processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective installation of piping systems in structures buildings and facilities
  • Knowledge of tools, equipment, and materials common used in the field of plumbing and gas, and their usage techniques to produce high quality work
  • Knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques related to the field of plumbing and gasfitting
  • Knowledge of principles of drafting in the interpretation and production of sketches, including survey and plot plans, architectural, building, piping, mechanical, and electrical drawings
  • Using mathematics to solve problem
  • Using scientific rules and methods to solve problems
  • Solving and identifying problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Installing, repairing, modifying, finishing and/or removing piping and gasfitting products associated devices and which includes preparing, undertaking and completing such work to the required building code standard
  • Using proprietary/specialist and specific industry sector tools and equipment in performing and delivering specialist, unique and/or standard quality services
  • Actively looking for ways to help people
  • Monitoring/Assessing performance of oneself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action
  • Flexibility to work effectively in a variety of situations and adapt to new ways of doing things
  • Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one
  • Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience including understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents
  • Information Communications Technology - Knowledge and use of relevant industry sector IT applications and programs
  • Time Management - Managing one?s own time and the time of others
  • Team work or individual - job may require him to work alone or in conjunction with other support or related personnel
  • Work Context: 

    Work in residential (homes), commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, and other buildings that are under construction, being altered or renovated.


    Secondary School Certificate, Certificate in plumbing or gasfitting or related field of work, higher qualification or equivalent.

    Required Work Experience: 

    3 - 4 years and above

    Probable Employers: 

    Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company, National Drilling Company, Municipality of Abu Dhabi

    Occupational Size: 
    More than 30,000
    Expected Earnings: 

    Above the industry average

    Projected Growth: 
    Very good
    Alternate Titles: 

    Examples of job titles:
    Pipe fitter - Pipe layer - Plumber - Drain technician
    Examples of some related occupations:
    Journeyman plumber - Drain technician - Plumber gasfitter - Gas fitter - Plumbing and heating mechanic - Residential plumber - Service plumber - Commercial plumber - Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics - Steam fitter

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    Occupations and Careers Handbook for UAE Nationals(Copyright NQA ). Referenced from New York University, Abu Dhabhi