18-Town and traffic planners

Job Title: 

Town and traffic planners

Job Description: 

Develop and implement plans and policies for the controlled use of urban and rural land and for traffic systems


Town and traffic planners develop and implement comprehensive plans and programs for use of land and physical facilities of jurisdictions, such as towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas. They conduct research and provide advice on economic, environmental and social factors affecting land use and traffic flows. They also work on large-scale projects such as new suburbs, towns, industrial areas, commercial and retail developments, urban renewal projects and transportation links.


Job activities and tasks include:

  • planning layout and coordinating development of urban areas
  • compiling and analyzing data on economic, legal, political, cultural, demographic, sociological, physical and environmental factors affecting land use
  • conferring with government authorities, communities and specialists in fields such as architecture, planning, social science the environment and the law
  • devising and recommending use and development of land, and presenting narrative and graphic plans, programs and designs to groups and individuals
  • advising governments, companies and communities on urban and regional planning issues and proposals
  • reviewing and evaluating environmental impact reports
  • planning and coordinating the development of land areas for parks, schools, institutions, airports, roadways and related projects, and for commercial, industrial and residential sites
  • planning and advising on routing and control of road traffic and public transportation systems for efficiency and safety

Advanced specialized knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in field of work, discipline and/or professional practice

  • Specialized knowledge of analyzing, planning, managing and establishing ideas, policies, strategies, projections and/or conditions in the field of work, discipline and/or professional practice
  • Advanced knowledge of research principles and methods
  • Advanced knowledge of high level governance of systems, processes and procedures including legislative, regulatory, standards, codes and conventions
  • Higher knowledge of recent developments in the field of work, discipline and/or professional practice
  • Higher knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in management, economics, finance, statistics and fiscal disciplines related to the field of work and/or professional practice
  • Higher knowledge of political, government, legislative and regulatory systems related to the field of work
  • Higher knowledge of laws, regulations, standards codes and conventions of the UAE and specific Emirates related to the field of work, discipline and/or professional practice and more general subjects including OHSE and cultural understanding and awareness
  • Higher knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in sensitively recognizing and responding to the management of highly complex ethical issues
  • Leverage information technology, executive information systems, management techniques and tools for optimal field of work performance and/or professional practice
  • Higher skills in research, analysis, consultation and synthesis of information to evaluate ideas, policies, strategies, projections and/or conditions and generate recommendations and/or relevant alternatives
  • Manage advanced relationships and coordinate related activities of respective stakeholders
  • Advanced skills and experience in high level policy analysis, formulation and research, plus strategic planning in sensitive and confidential environment
  • Develop abstract concepts and convey strategic indications from the spectrum of development experience
  • Higher negotiation cultural sensitivity and diplomatic skills
  • Use of information, tools, resources to support high-level and complex work achievement
  • Work sensitively and effectively in a multi-cultural environment
  • Work with others to develop creative solutions to complex unpredictable and/or abstract problems
  • Communicate with influence, and a proven record of developing and maintaining effective partnerships across an organization and with diverse external clients and other key stakeholders
  • Highly developed advanced oral and written communication, interpersonal and representational skills, and a proven ability to use these skills to prepare and present clear, concise, high quality advice
  • Highly developed leadership and effective management skills, with capacity to initiate, implement and sustain improvements within a team environment, as well as the ability to work flexibly and cooperatively as a member of a team
  • Personal drive and integrity, the ability to self-manage and the capacity to identify and effectively manage risks associated with change, as well recognize and implement ethical standards to highly complex ethical issues
  • Achieving results within tight timelines, and capacity to set and implement new policy directions
  • Highly developed higher organizational skills, including the ability to manage priorities and meet tight deadlines.
  • Work Context: 

    Transport planners focus on issues which relate to the transport infrastructure. They may also specialize in a wide range of fields, including strategic planning, urban design, environmental impact assessment, residential planning, commercial and industrial planning, heritage planning, tourism planning and social planning. May require experience in: -- establishing guidelines and being responsible for the review and verification of all applications for subdivision and shore land zoning permits; advises applicants and planning board/authority of application status and compliance with ordinances; coordinates review with appropriate municipal departments; -- drafting planning ordinances, preparing departmental budget and representing the town on various regional planning agencies; -- making recommendations to planning board/authority for appropriate action or additional conditions to be imposed; -- collecting land use data for use in preparation of comprehensive plan and development of zoning regulations; -- attending planning board meetings; including preparation of appropriate notices and supporting documents and preparation and distribution of meeting minutes; -- preparing reports; including maintenance of records; process purchase orders and accounts payable, and monitor special project budgets; -- developing capital improvement projects for the town; including directing the implementation of the five-year capital plan and monitors its progress; -- preparing and drafting long range plans and other special projects as requested; -- assisting and providing technical assistance to various town committees and boards including the authorities, agencies and/or relevant committees; -- performing related work as required.


    Bachelor degree in urban planning or engineering or relevant discipline, higher qualification or equivalent

    Required Work Experience: 

    5 years and a above.

    Probable Employers: 

    Department of Transport, AL Sahraa Group, Mawaqif, Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), Masdar

    Occupational Size: 
    Less than 5,000
    Expected Earnings: 

    Above the industry average

    Projected Growth: 
    Very good
    Alternate Titles: 

    Examples of job titles:
    Land Planner - Traffic planner - Urban Planner
    Examples of some related occupations:
    Building architect - Landscape architect - Architect - Civil engineer - Landscape architect - Quantity surveyor - Surveyor - Community development planner - Planning director - Neighbourhood planner - City planner - Community development director - Regional planner - Airport planner - Building, planning, and zoning director - Community planning and development representative

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    Occupations and Careers Handbook for UAE Nationals(Copyright NQA ). Referenced from New York University, Abu Dhabhi