150- Travel guides

Job Title: 

Travel guides

Job Description: 

Plan, or ganize, and conduct cruises, tours, and expeditions for individuals and groups.


Travel guides accompany individuals or groups on trips, sightseeing tours and excursions and on tours of places of interest such as historical sites, industrial establishments and theme parks. They describe points of interest and provide background information on interesting features.


Job activities and tasks include:

  • escorting and guiding tourists on cruises and sightseeing tours
  • escorting visitors through places of interest such as museums, exhibitions, theme parks, factories and other industrial establishments
  • describing and providing information on points of interest and exhibits and responding to questions
  • conducting educational activities for school children
  • monitoring visitors? activities to ensure compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices
  • greeting and registering visitors and tour participants, and issuing any required identification badges or safety devices
  • distributing brochures, showing audiovisual presentations, and explaining procedures and operations at tour sites
  • providing for physical safety of groups, and performing activities such as providing first aid and directing emergency evacuations
  • resolving any problems with tour itineraries, service, or accommodation

Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services including needs assessment techniques, quality service standards, alternative delivery systems, and customer satisfaction evaluation techniques

  • Knowledge of principles and methods for moving people or goods by air, rail, sea, or road, including their relative costs, advantages, and limitations
  • Knowledge of various methods for describing the location and distribution of land, sea, and air masses including their physical locations, relationships, and characteristics
  • Knowledge of key holiday destinations, first aid skills and/or a driving licence maybe required
  • Knowledge of historical events and their causes, indicators, and effects on civilizations and cultures
  • Knowledge of group psychology
  • Knowledge of travel industry terminology, how tours are put together by tour operators, industry trends, pre-tour departure preparations; public speaking, airline and airport/ shipping procedures, and baggage handling and control
  • Specific knowledge of subject area of travel and/or tour
  • Knowledge in research techniques for planning travel/tour events and/or activities
  • Working effectively without supervision, possess a calm ?customer focused? manner, and have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills in a tourism context
  • Manage health and safety and first aid in an emergency situation
  • Using a wide range of technology to venture outdoors (e.g. two way radios, map and compass, GPS, Personal Locator Beacons)
  • Knowledge and skills in beverage and food health issues and handing
  • Interpersonal skills, with strong oral communication skills
  • Very good analytical and numerical skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Ability to use initiative
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Business awareness
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork and negotiation skills
  • Flexibility and self-motivation
  • Information Communication and Technology literacy.
  • Work Context: 

    Work with the general public, or experience gained within the hotel, tourism or travel trades is usually beneficial. May work irregular hours including weekends to service client demand.


    Secondary School Certificate, Diploma in leisure, travel, tourism, or languages or related field, higher qualification or equivalent.

    Required Work Experience: 

    2 years and above

    Probable Employers: 

    Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, TDIC, Emirates Heritage Club

    Occupational Size: 
    Less than 5,000
    Expected Earnings: 

    Above the industry average

    Projected Growth: 
    Very good
    Alternate Titles: 

    Examples of job titles:
    Art gallery guide - Tour escort - Tourist guide
    Examples of some related occupations:
    Tour director - Tour manager - Tour escort - Guide - Mountain bike guide - Mosque guide - Tour coordinator - Tour operator - Cruise counsellor - Tours captain

    UAE Industry Groups: 
    Business, administration, tourism, retail and leisure service
    International Careers(ISCO): 
    Source Of Info: 
    Occupations and Careers Handbook for UAE Nationals(Copyright NQA ). Referenced from New York University, Abu Dhabhi