102-Financial and investment advisers

Job Title: 

Financial and investment advisers

Job Description: 

Financial and investment advisers develop financial plans for individuals and organizations, and invest and manage funds on their behalf.


Financial and investment advisers/planners develop, provide advice and/or implement financial plans for their clients. Some of the areas a financial planner will advise on are: retirement planning, superannuation, debt management, insurance and risk, estate planning, managed investments, securities and futures markets. Financial planners may also specialize in such areas as: ethical investments, loans and mortgage advice, customs and taxation advice and more. Maybe required to be licensed, registered or certified to be permitted to work by a government authority, agency or approved certifying body.


Job activities and tasks include:

  • building and maintaining a client base
  • interviewing clients to determine financial status and objectives, risk tolerance and other information needed to develop financial plans and investment strategies
  • setting financial objectives, and developing and implementing strategies for achieving the financial objectives
  • arranging to buy and sell stocks and bonds for clients
  • monitoring investment performance, and reviewing and revising investment plans based on modified needs and changes in markets
  • recommending and arranging insurance cover for clients

Knowledge of laws, regulations, standards and codes of the UAE and specific Emirates related to the industry sector and more general subjects including OHSE and cultural understanding and awareness

  • Using mathematics to solve problem
  • Using scientific rules and methods to solve problems
  • Solving and identifying problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Using of proprietary and general health software applications and management information systems
  • Strong selling skills
  • Actively looking for ways to help people
  • Monitoring/Assessing performance of oneself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action
  • Flexibility to work effectively in a variety of situations and adapt to new ways of doing things
  • Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one
  • Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience including understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents
  • Information Communications Technology - Knowledge and use of relevant industry sector IT applications and programs
  • Time Management - Managing one?s own time and the time of others
  • Team work or individual - job may require him to work alone or in conjunction with other support or related personnel
  • Work Context: 

    Work in offices, work from their own homes, or may travel locally to visit clients? homes.


    Bachelor degree in finance or business administration or related field of work/discipline, higher qualification or equivalent.

    Required Work Experience: 

    5 years and above.

    Probable Employers: 

    Hilal Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, First Gulf Bank, Masdar, Dubai International Finance Centre, ACUMA

    Occupational Size: 
    Less than 5,000
    Expected Earnings: 

    Industry average

    Projected Growth: 
    Alternate Titles: 

    Examples of job titles:
    Estate planner - Financial planner - Investment adviser
    Examples of some related occupations:
    Financial dealer/trader - Financial institution branch manager - Insurance broker - Financial advisor - Portfolio manager - Financial planner - Account executive - Registered representative - Investment advisor - Financial consultant - Financial counsellor - Analyst - Certified financial planner (CFP) - Accountant - Actuary - Auditor - Banker - Insurance investigator

    UAE Industry Groups: 
    Business, administration, tourism, retail and leisure service
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    Occupations and Careers Handbook for UAE Nationals(Copyright NQA ). Referenced from New York University, Abu Dhabhi