8343-Crane, Hoist and Related Equipment Operators

Job Title: 

Crane, Hoist and Related Equipment Operators

Job Description: 

Crane, hoist and related equipment operators monitor and operate stationary and mobile cranes and other hoisting equipment.


Tasks include:

  • operating and monitoring stationary or mobile cranes by raising and lowering jibs and booms, to lift, move, position or place equipment and materials
  • operating and monitoring equipment for hoisting, lowering or raising workers and materials on construction sites
  • operating and monitoring machinery used to haul ferry or barge with goods, passengers and vehicles across short stretches of water
  • operating and monitoring cranes equipped with dredging attachments to dredge waterways and other areas
  • operating and monitoring cranes mounted on boats or barges to lift, move and place equipment and materials
Additional Notes: 

This unit group includes

Floating crane operator
Locomotive crane operator
Winch operator
Aerial ropeway operator
Cable car operator
Scoop-truck operator

Specific Occupations: 

Crane/Hoist operator (general)

Crane operator (port)

Other crane, hoist and related equipment operators

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: SINGAPORE STANDARD OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION 2015, Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore