8212-Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

Job Title: 

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers

Job Description: 

Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers assemble or modify, according to strictly laid down procedures, components of electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic equipment.


Tasks include:

  • assembling component parts and electrical and electronic systems and positioning, aligning and fastening units to assemblies, sub-assemblies, or frames using hand or power tools, soldering and micro-welding equipment
  • reviewing work orders, specifications, diagrams and drawings to determine materials needed and assembly instructions
  • recording production and operational data on specified forms
  • operating wire-coiling machines to wind wire coils used in electrical equipment and components such as registers, transformers, armature wires, electric motors and generators
Additional Notes: 

This unit group includes

Industrial machine assembler (electrical)
Radio valve assembler
Electrical component assembler
Radio receiver assembler
Battery assembler

This unit group excludes

Other machinery mechanics and repairers (7233)

Specific Occupations: 

Electrical equipment/component assembler

Electronic equipment/component assembler

Battery assembler

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: SINGAPORE STANDARD OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION 2015, Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore