7413-Electrical Line Installers and Repairers

Job Title: 

Electrical Line Installers and Repairers

Job Description: 

Electrical line installers and repairers install, repair and join electrical transmission and supply cables and related equipment.


Tasks include:

  • installing and repairing overhead and underground electrical power and electrical traction lines
  • making joints in overhead and underground cables
  • adhering to safety practices and procedures, such as checking equipment regularly and erecting barriers around work areas
  • opening switches or attaching grounding devices to remove electrical hazards from disturbed or fallen lines or to facilitate repairs
  • climbing poles or using truck-mounted buckets to access equipment
  • identifying defective sectionalising devices, circuit breakers, fuses, voltage regulators, transformers, switches, relays, or wiring, using wiring diagrams and electrical-testing instruments
Additional Notes: 

This unit group includes

Overhead wireman (electric power)
Underground cable layer

Specific Occupations: 

Electrical line installer

Electric cable jointer

Other electrical line installers and repairers

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: SINGAPORE STANDARD OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION 2015, Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore