5320-Healthcare Assistants and Other Personal Care Workers

Job Title: 

Healthcare Assistants and Other Personal Care Workers

Job Description: 

Healthcare assistants and other personal care workers provide direct personal care and assistance with activities of daily living to patients and elderly, convalescent and disabled people in healthcare and residential settings such as hospitals, clinics, residential nursing care facilities, private homes and old folks? homes.


Tasks include:

  • providing care, support and treatment to patients and residents of medical, rehabilitative and residential care facilities as per treatment plans established by medical, nursing and other health professionals
  • assisting patients with personal and therapeutic care needs such as personal hygiene, feeding, dressing, physical mobility and exercise, communication, taking oral medications and changing dressings
  • positioning, lifting and turning patients and transporting them in wheelchairs or on movable beds
  • maintaining patients' environmental hygiene standards, such as cleaning patient rooms and changing bed-linen
  • providing massage and other non-pharmacological pain relief measures, such as during pregnancy and labour
  • observing patients? condition, responses and behaviour and reporting changes to a health professional
  • providing clients and families with emotional support and information and advice on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, exercise, caring for infants, or adapting to disability or illness
  • providing psychological support to clients such as through conversation or reading aloud
  • planning, purchasing, preparing or serving meals to meet nutritional requirements and prescribed diets
  • providing support to parents and care for newborns during the postpartum period
  • scheduling and accompanying clients for appointments with medical doctors and other health professionals or performing other errands
  • assisting therapists by guiding patients through their exercises during therehabilitation sessions, and holding individual or group therapy sessions with the
  • patients after receiving the treatment plan from the therapists
Additional Notes: 

This unit group includes

Healthcare assistant Nursing aide (clinic, hospital)
Home health aide
Nursing aide (home)
Therapy aide

This unit group excludes

Enrolled/assistant nurse (3220) Social worker (2635)

This unit group includes workers who provide personal care to residents of institutions and facilities that have permanent medical or nursing supervision (such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres, residential nursing care facilities and nursing homes) as well as those who provide personal care to residents of independent living units, generally without permanent medical or nursing supervision.

Specific Occupations: 

Healthcare assistant (eg therapy aide/assistant)

Other personal care worker (eg old folks home)

Source Of Info: 

Source: SINGAPORE STANDARD OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION 2015, Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore