4110-General Office Clerks

Job Title: 

General Office Clerks

Job Description: 

General office clerks perform a wide range of general duties, mostly connected with the keeping of office records and routine aspects of legal matters and personnel records.


Tasks include:

  • recording, preparing, sorting, classifying and filing information
  • keeping address and mailing lists
  • sorting, opening and sending mail
  • photocopying and faxing documents
  • preparing reports and correspondence of a routine nature
  • recording issue of equipment to staff
  • responding to telephone or electronic enquiries or forwarding to appropriate person
  • checking figures, preparing invoices and recording details of financial transactions made
  • transcribing information onto computers and proofreading and correcting copy
  • keeping personnel or any other office records
Additional Notes: 

This unit group includes

Office clerk (general)
Clerical assistant
Filing clerk
Personnel clerk

This unit group excludes

Library assistant (4411)

Specific Occupations: 

Office clerk (general)

Filing and copying clerk

Personnel/Human resource clerk

Other administrative clerks (eg public relations clerk)

Source Of Info: 

Source: SINGAPORE STANDARD OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION 2015, Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore