2268-Occupational Therapists

Job Title: 

Occupational Therapists

Job Description: 

Occupational therapists help people of all ages to improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living and working environments. They work with individuals who have conditions that are physically, developmentally, socially or emotionally disabling. They also help them to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and work skills. Occupational therapists help clients not only to improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities, but also to compensate for permanent loss of function


Tasks include:

  • assessing patients or clients to determine the nature of the disorder, illness or problem by questioning, examining and observing
  • developing and implementing treatment plans and evaluating and documenting patients' progress through treatment plans
  • assessing functional limitations of people resulting from illnesses and disabilities, and providing therapy to enable people to perform their daily activities and occupations
  • assessing clients' emotional, psychological, developmental and physical capabilities using clinical observations and standardised tests
  • assessing clients' functional potential in their home, leisure, work and school environments and recommending environmental adaptations to maximise their performance
  • planning and directing programmes through the use of vocational, remedial, social, artistic and educational activities on an individual and group basis
Additional Notes: 

This unit group includes

Occupational therapist
Therapist for orientation of the blind

Specific Occupations: 

Occupational therapist

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Source Of Info: 

Source: SINGAPORE STANDARD OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION 2015, Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore