Wood has always held a place of pride among India’s handicrafts, producing ornate and exquisite pieces of furniture, utensils and a range of products in different techniques. The carpentry industry has now evolved into producing both traditional as well as modern furniture in a wide range of designs.
The woodwork and carpentry industry in India is a fast-growing sector of the country’s economy. Largely unorganized, it has struggled with numerous issues like lack of skilled manpower, lack of processes and technologies for standardized production etc.

The two main sub-sectors in this industry are Furniture and Manufacture of Other Products of Wood. Furniture is an extremely vital part of the wood industry. With growing urbanization, and rise in disposable income, this industry has tremendous potential and has shown a steady rise in demand. Some categories are home furniture, office furniture and contract furniture, which caters to the hospitality sector. A rise in the demand in the office and hospitality sector has also been a factor driving growth. Another factor is the availability of engineered wood furniture which has become a popular choice, especially in urban India. With demand for modular and stylish furniture on the rise and brand aware customers with disposable incomes, this sector is set to see a further rise in growth. The advent of online retailers specializing in both modern and traditional designs sourced from skilled artisans has proved to be a major game-changer.
Manufacture of Other Products of Wood sub-sector includes treatment of timber, sleepers, plywood, wood panels, beams, matches, wooden packaging, boxes and cases, instruments and tools, and sporting goods like bats, skis, etc. All these products have a high demand in the country.

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