The transportation, logistics and warehousing sector is involved with the safe transport of people efficient storage and movement of freight and goods from one location to another. Since logistics are a vital part of every organization, an efficient management of this is truly essential for success and growth.
A young population, exponential growth in ecommerce and organized retail, rising incomes and a ramp up in transport infrastructure have all come together to make this sector a booming one. Along with this increased international trade and ease in foreign investment policies are all making this sector a very attractive one.
The transportation, logistics and warehousing sector is a major revenue generator for the economy, and a major employment provider in the country.
Forming the backbone of this sector are three sub-sectors, Warehouse Storage, Warehouse Packaging and Land Transportation.
The optimal packaging of a product is a critical factor in logistics which makes this sub-sector a very important one. Without it, many processes could not be carried out at all or at great additional cost. The function of packaging does not end at protection of the products, it also carries relevant information about the contents to enable and facilitate transport. Moreover, easy handling, storage, order processing etc are all affected by the quality of packaging.
Warehouse Storage is the focal point for product and information flow between sources of supply and the beneficiary. It buffers uncertainties and breakdowns that may occur in the supply chain. When properly managed and appropriately stocked, a warehouse provides a consistent supply of material as needed. The introduction of warehouse storage has reduced the cost and time involved in logistics management.
The key element in a logistic chain is the Transportation system, which connects all other separated activities. Land Transport in India has a crucial role to play as it connects even the remote parts of the country, not possible by any other mode.

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