The shipping industry plays a very important role in the country’s economy given that almost 90% of international trade takes place through this route. A coastline of 7515 km, and a number of major and intermediate ports makes India an important player in the shipping sector globally as well.
The shipping industry also encompasses the building and repairing of ships, ports, lighthouse facilities, inland waterways etc.
The main sub-sectors in this industry are Transportation, Manufacturing, Repair &Maintenance, and Cargo Handling.
Shipping plays an important part in India’s transport sector. India has the largest merchant fleet among developing countries. The Transportation sub-sector usually deals with passenger ships and its maintenance.
Manufacturing, Repair & Maintenance sub-sector has witnessed a remarkable growth in the shipping industry. Growing trade and import/export have resulted in the demand for more fleet. This will result in growth of opportunities for maintenance as well as manufacturing.
Trade of goods to and from foreign territories mostly occurs through seaways and airways. Cargo handling has grown manifold both in terms of value and volume through industrial and manufacturing activities and increasing domestic consumption of commodities.

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