Indian Real Estate sector has become the epicentre of development activities of the economy. Real estate refers to land, building, property and rights for space above and below the ground. Real estate has been one of the largest sectors and a key employment provider in India. Globally too it has been on the rise. Real estate comprises of four segments, land, residential, commercial and industrial. Commercial real estate refers to office space, technology parks, hotels, hospitals, malls etc. Industrial real estate consists of manufacturing space, warehouses etc. Residential real estate has been on a rapid rise as well due to a young population and growth in Tier II & III cities.
A rising population, growing urbanization and nuclear families, and a booming economy have all been factors driving growth in this sector. Along with this, the government’s emphasis on developing Smart Cities has also played a positive role in this sector.
Real estate has one sub-sector under it, the Property Management sub-sector.
Property management refers to the operating, controlling and overseeing of real estate. This has become an important activity with the growth in demand for high-quality real estate market over the past decade.
Property Management will play a vital role in the immediate and long-term future. While it is still in the nascent stage, this industry is evolving rapidly as a result of the fast-paced growth in the construction sector.

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