Indian Railways is counted among the largest rail networks in the world, especially among those run under a single management. The main segments are passengers and freight. More than 22 million passengers are transported by the Railways every day, making it the largest passenger carrier in the world.
It also provides livelihood to more than a million people. Investor friendly policy reforms and Foreign Direct Investment option has driven several domestic and global companies to consider this sector for investments. This will lead to an improvement in infrastructure and the introduction of new high-speed trains.
Railways are further divided into two sub-sectors, Transportation and Repair & Maintenance.
While there are a number of modes of transport available in the country, including road, air transport, coastal shipping etc, railways, in particular, are the most preferred option for freight and passengers. This sub-sector has recorded substantial growth over the years both in the spread of network and in the output of the system.
The secret behind in the successful running of the railway system is well-maintained equipment. The success story of railways is attributed to the many skilled professionals and technicians who make it possible to run such a vast network of trains. This sub-sector ensures that all the locomotives are in perfect working condition before every run.

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