A fast-growing economy, booming retail sector, urbanization and the growing threat perception from crime have all lead to a rise in the private security industry in the country. Private security companies are organizations primarily engaged in providing guard and patrol services.
The private security sector includes security of individuals, and residential and industrial complexes, and covers segments such as manned guards, cash services etc. With the government’s focus on developing Smart Cities and Digital India, the need and demand for security services has increased.
Furthermore, it will require technical knowledge and enable entry of technocrats and professionals with expertise in security systems as well.
Currently, this sector is providing employment to more than 70 lakh people, with projections of a further 50 lakh by 2020.
Two important sub-sectors of the Private Security sector are Industrial and Commercial.
The Industrial sub-sector is rapidly growing because of the rise of industrialization in the country. The major focus areas are visitor control, internal and external theft, and fire.
Commercial security encompasses a range of services including security of financial institutions, office buildings, retail and other businesses (e.g. lodging and hospitality, food service, entertainment etc). Growth in these sections in the Indian economy has resulted in growing demand for the services of private security.

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