Plumbing services are essential for the maintenance of water supply, proper sanitation and public health. Another critical consideration is the disposal of sewage and the environmental factors arising from it. Plumbing is an integral part of the Construction industry and is directly related to a number of related industries like Water Treatment, Sewage and Drainage, Heating and Cooling Systems, Air Conditioning, Industrial Waste Management, Fire Safety, Gas Supply etc. Hence, this sector is also related to infrastructure development and real estate and a high growth segment.
Manpower requirement for this sector is about 2.5 per cent of that employed by the construction industry, but almost all the workforce lack professional training and learn through on the job training. This is a major concern for the country as this unstructured training limits the opportunities and chances of advancement for the workforce.
The creation of smart cities in India will increase the demand for world-class infrastructure with modern plumbing technology.
The Plumbing sector is divided into the Consulting, Contractor and Manufacturing sub-sectors. The Consultant sub-sector is the backbone of this industry. Consultants are individuals who inspect existing plumbing, and offer advice on any changes or repairs required.
The Contractor sub-sector is now seeing various training programs being undertaken to bridge the existing skill gap. This is being done the meet the growing demands for professionally trained individuals in this industry.
The Manufacturing sub-sector has seen a revolutionary trend in recent years, with many international companies entering the Indian market. This has lead to increased standardization and improved quality of our domestic products and services. Products in this sub-sector include sanitary ware, bathroom hardware and fittings, pipes, valves etc.

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