India has a huge market in the Optical Products sector.
Optical Products have two sub-sectors categorized under it, Optical Instruments & Equipment and Ophthalmic Products.
The Optical Products industry includes both vision correction as well as cosmetic eyewear. A majority of people in India suffer from vision impairment and eye disorders and prefer corrective glasses and lenses instead of surgery.
Along with this, increased brand consciousness and awareness has made consumers willing to pay for high-quality eyewear, consistent with the image they want to portray.
Another segment is the cosmetic eyewear segment which includes sunglasses and coloured contact lenses that people are now viewing as fashion accessories instead of protective wear, making it an attractive destination for luxury brands.
Optical Instruments & Equipment market is also a big market, not just in India, but globally as well. These products are used across many categories like scientific devices, medical instruments, cinematography, photography etc. The Indian market has seen an influx of both domestic and international companies entering this market in the last few years.

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