Life Sciences sector in India is among the fastest growing globally. The Life Sciences sector comprises companies specializing in research and development in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and biomedical technology, life systems and environmental science, food processing, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals etc.
The past 50 years have witnessed a successful journey of life sciences industry of India. Since the 1990s, the Indian industry has built a strong global presence with the help of world-class capabilities. The successes in the field of life science in India has contributed majorly towards better healthcare outcomes, domestically and globally, and reinforced the Indian economy. In reducing India’s merchandise trade deficit, the life science industry of India is currently the 3rd largest contributor. This industry provides employment to approximately 2.5 million people. Today, India stands among the top 15 destinations globally for clinical trials.
The Life Sciences sector has sub-sectors under it, the most common one being, Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences.
The Pharmaceutical sector ranks third globally in terms of sales volume. Growing health awareness among people and the increased government spending on health has given a great growth boost to the domestic drugs industry. Indian pharmaceuticals also generate a lot of export earnings, with products being exported to more than 200 countries.
The Biological Sciences sub-sector represents a potential sector of economic growth and is an important segment of India’s health agenda.

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