India holds the distinction of having the 2nd highest number of legal professionals in the world, with around 600,000 lawyers in the country. Until now legal services were restricted to each country and closed to professionals from outside. With globalization on the increase, India has now permitted foreign lawyers to visit and advise clients in matters regarding foreign laws. Furthermore, foreign policy reforms have also permitted companies to set up operations in the country to cater to the huge domestic demand.
Similarly, Indian companies have also reached foreign shores by setting up associations and subsidiaries. India is looking to export its legal services to countries like France, Singapore, as well as many African countries, in addition to the UK and US.
The legal service industry is looking at immense growth opportunities with investments, and mergers and acquisitions on the rise.
Legal Activities sector in India has the Law Court Activities sub-sector under it. A large number of government opportunities also available in this sub-sector. Law Court activities play a very important role in enabling the justice system of the country.

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