The handicrafts industry has been a major contributor to the economy, given India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. It is also a major employment generator, especially to artisans belonging to the economically weaker sections of society. Handicrafts consist of a wide range of products, including metal and woodwork, hand-printed textiles, hand embroidery forms like chikankari and kantha, zardozi work, sculptures, paintings and earthenware etc. Carpet weaving is also an ancient handicraft form practiced by Indian artisans. India accounts for almost 80 per cent of carpets manufactured globally, making it the largest producer and exporter in the world.
The rise of digital connectivity and e-commerce has made it easier for artisans to showcase their talents and sell their merchandise, both in the global and domestic markets. There are also specialized e-commerce sites providing hand crafted and hand made products only.
Common sub-sectors in this industry are Stoneware, Handicrafts, Fashion Jewellery, Ceramics etc.
The intricately carved stoneware made of marble, alabaster or soapstone, inlaid with semiprecious stones carry on the heritage of Indian stone craft. India is famous for well-sculpted statues that are used both for ornamental and religious purposes.
The Handicrafts has seen a revival in the past decade. This segment is economically important because of its low capital investment, high returns and a highly labour intensive nature leading to employment generation.
India’s Fashion Jewellery segment is growing by leaps and bounds. The sub-sector is very dynamic, with trends dictating demand for products. One reason for the growth of this sector is that with fashion jewellery people are free to accessorize as per their clothes, which is not a possibility with real or precious jewellery.
Ceramic products are a fast upcoming segment in this sector. The varied shapes of ceramic and glass in a number of colours appeal to western aesthetics while retaining our cultural flavour. These products are popular in both domestic and western markets.

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