The Glass & Ceramic sector is the sunshine industry of the future. The glass industry includes products like flat glass, vacuum flasks, glass containers and hollowware, fibreglass and laboratory glassware. Glass products find wide use construction, laboratories and households in consumer products like as pearls, bangles and beads etc. The ceramic industry consists of a wide range of products that includes ceramic tiles, advanced ceramics, sanitary ware, etc
With massive growth in the construction sector, the glass and ceramic industry is also looking at long term growth. With advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, the building capacity is also on a rise which is leading both exports and investments in the sector. A booming automobile industry is also driving growth in this sector.
This sector has the Manufacturing sub-sector under it. Manufacturing has proved to be the main driving force behind the success of this sector. Due to the growth of the sectors like real estate, infrastructure, retail, automotive and food & beverage, the demand for glass and ceramic products has grown exponentially.

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