The Electronics and Hardware industry is the most vibrant and globally competitive industry in India. India is the largest consumer electronics market in Asia. Electronics and hardware sector includes all products ranging from TV, household appliances, LED lights, mobile phones etc.
Electronics and Hardware has played a very important role in the development of the It/ITeS sector as well. The Make in India initiative has given it prime importance, introducing an entrepreneurial and business-friendly environment.
Factors driving growth in this sector are rising disposable incomes and an upsurge in the middle-class population. In addition, technology changes such as the uprise of IoT and 4G/ LTE networks are providing drive to the fast-growing adoption of electronics products. ‘Smart City’ and ‘Digital India’ projects are some of the noteworthy initiatives which have created a boost in the demand for IoT in the market. The growing industry will further get a fillip by raised demands for VSAT enabled mobile ATMs and POS because of digital banking sectors like payment banks and wallet players.
The Electronics and Hardware industry is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years due to various steps taken by the Indian government to boost indigenous production of electronics.
Some of the sub-sectors in this sector are IT Hardware, Consumer Electronics, PCB Manufacturing & Assembly, Semiconductor Design, Communication & Broadcasting, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics etc. The Indian Semiconductor Design industry offers high growth potential. The key drivers of this growth are telecom infrastructure equipment, wireless handsets notebooks, office automation products, set top boxes and smart cards. Consequently, employment opportunities also look promising in this sub-sector.
The last few years has seen a rise in the Indian PCB industry which has opened up a minefield of opportunities for professionals in this field. With the arrival of new players and launch of new services, the domestic market is also set to grow exponentially. Today, hospitals are using an increasingly wide range of medical equipment in order to deliver healthcare services. This trend has given a thrust to the medical electronics sub-sector. Consequently, employment in the Medical Equipment sub-sector will continue to grow for the next few years.
The IT Hardware sub-sector has come a long way in the last few decades. It has proved to be a very vital segment in terms of economic growth and employment generation. The continued growth of BPO, telecom, retail, banking, manufacturing, and other sectors has created a huge demand for IT hardware professionals.
Similarly, the electronics hardware industry has also evolved to offer several innovative products. The Consumer Electronics sub-sector has showcased a remarkable growth in the country. With increasing spending capacity and changing lifestyles, India has become one of the biggest consumers of electric goods in the world. This has triggered an influx of jobs in the segment.
The Communication & Broadcasting sub-sector is powered by a growing customer base and the latest in technological advancements. Consequently, it is being recognized as a key driver for economic development in India. It is one of the consistent and fastest-growing sub-sector in terms of both employment and growth.
The Industrial Electronics sub-sector has already captured a huge market and will be one of the most sought-after sectors for business and jobs in the years to come. This rapidly evolving segment offers exciting opportunities for professionals with strong fundamentals in electronics.

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