With the largest segment of the population falling between the ages of 5 and 24, and over 250 million children attending schools, India is an important educational centre in the global education industry. It is not just a vital part of the Indian economy, but also a major factor of social growth and advancement.
Our country has numerous schools, and higher education institutes, and various vocational and training centres. One of the largest higher education institutions networks of the world is present in India. Furthermore, the Indian government aims at raising its present enrollment ratio up to 30 per cent till 2020 through the boosting of distance education. Today, the country has emerged as the second largest e-learning market after the US.
The Education & Training sector has a number of sub-sectors, the most common ones being, Training & Assessment, and Research & Development.
The Training & Assessment sub-sector is extremely relevant and important in today’s India. The rising population and per capita income and growing awareness towards literacy have lead to the escalation in the number of schools and educational institutes. Initiatives like mid-day meals in schools, education for the girl child etc are also powering this boom, even in remote parts of the country. With a vast number of people in the employment age, vocational training is also picking up in a major way. All this leads to large manpower requirements in this sub-sector.
Need for Research & Development has been realized worldwide. R&D deals with the creation of new knowledge or application of existing knowledge. Research is extremely important in all aspects of industry and other sciences. Economies with a strong R&D segment have a greater chance of success. Multinationals are now pouring in huge investments in this segment to keep ahead of their competitors.

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