Construction is an important part of any economy's industrial and infrastructure development. The construction industry in India is one of the largest industrial sectors, and one of the biggest contributors to the economy accounting for around 11% of the GDP currently. It is also a major employment generator, providing a source of livelihood to an immense number of people. It is projected that construction sector in India will expand greatly in the next few years. The Infrastructure spending is steadily rising which has made this sector highly attractive among national and international investors in the recent years.
The construction sector is subdivided into categories; infrastructure building, which involves railways, roads, power etc; real estate, which consists of commercial and residential construction; and power generation, which includes pipelines, oil and gas refineries etc.
Infrastructure building is crucial for the growth of India. The development of a competitive Indian economy depends on the growth of quality infrastructure. As a result, the infrastructure sub-sector is slated to rise with the developing Indian economy.
The Power Generation sub-sector is the driving force behind the growth of Construction sector. Modern power facilities are the order of the day
The construction industry is related to a number of other associated sectors like infrastructure, glass and ceramics, real estate etc. A growth in the construction sector will lead growth in all related sectors as well.

Related Sub-Sectors

  • Infrastructure

  • Power Generation

  • Real Estate