The chemical and petrochemical industry produces products like fertilizers, paints, varnishes, glass, pharmaceuticals etc, apart from basic chemicals. Other products include polymers, synthetic fibres, dyes, synthetic rubber, performance plastics etc. Almost every sphere of life is catered to by this industry which influences agriculture and irrigation, housing and clothing, furniture, automobiles, horticulture, medical appliances, packaging, electronics etc
The Indian chemical and petrochemical industry has witnessed a rapid growth in the last few years. The market size and increasing demand has also attracted foreign investments in the sector.
The Indian Chemical & Petrochemical industry forms the backbone of the industrial and agricultural development of India and provides the building blocks for downstream industries.
This sector is made up of two sub-sectors, Chemicals & Petrochemicals.
The chemical industry provides valuable chemicals for various and products which are required in almost all walks of life. The chemical sub-sector, in particular, has gained momentum in the recent past. Many government regulations are aligned with this sub-sector. The Indian government is rendering extensive support to give impetus to this industry and has set-up a task force to consider suggestions to ensure steady growth of the chemical sector.
Petrochemical products are of utmost importance in the modern day survival of mankind and have permeated the entire spectrum of daily use items and cover almost every sphere of life, including clothing, housing, construction, furniture, automobiles, household items, agriculture, horticulture, irrigation, packaging, medical appliances, electronics etc. This makes the sector full of growth and employment opportunities.

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