Beauty and wellness is a booming industry in India, with enormous growth potential in the upcoming years. Grooming, general wellness, and other similar activities are no longer limited to the metro and Tier I cities. Today, consumers in small cities are also seeking wellness solutions to meet and maintain a certain lifestyle. India's beauty and wellness market includes beauty salons, beauty products and spa businesses. It is expanding twice as fast as markets in Europe and the United States. Moreover, India's consumer market is the second largest for the products of beauty and wellness in the world. Estimates reveal that the spa and salon business together consist of 31 per cent of the total size of this market. The herbal beauty business also provides the drive for the growth of the beauty industry. Awareness of beauty treatments and products are at an all-time high in India with an increased awareness of ingredients. Also, people, especially in their 20s and 30s, are increasingly becoming conscious of their health, leading to an emphasis on healthy eating and physical fitness. All this has lead to a rise in diet and organic foods, gyms, fitness centres and apps etc.
Beauty and wellness sector is categorized into the Salons and Beauty Centre sub-sector. Beauty centres, salons and wellness centres can be seen across the country. The notion that they are expensive and meant only for a certain class of society as changed with time. With a strong customer base, the growth of salons and beauty centres sub-sector is steadily on the rise. Their customer base spans across ages and genders, and offer a wide range of services, right from basic haircuts to luxury beauty treatments.
India is one of the biggest growing markets in the world for Beauty and Wellness sector. There is a small part of this sector that is organized, a large part of the market has immense potential as it is unorganized and fragmented. This sector has tremendous potential for career growth.

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