Aerospace organizations are involved in research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircrafts or spacecrafts while Aviation or air transport refers to the activities carried out by the mechanical flight and the aircraft industry. Aerospace activity covers a wide range of operations, including commercial, industrial and military applications. The civil aviation industry in India has witnessed a rise in the last few years and grown to become the third largest market in domestic aviation segment globally. It has ushered in a new era of expansion in India, driven by factors such as low-cost carriers, modern airports, Foreign Direct Investments in domestic airlines, and a growing emphasis on regional connectivity.
This sector has two major sub-sectors under it, Transport and Manufacturing.
The transport sub-sector is growing at a rapid pace because of an increase in disposable incomes, and an emphasis on regional connectivity and tourism.
There are several factors driving the growth of Manufacturing in this sector. These include growing domestic aircraft demand backed by strong economic growth, changes in civil aviation policies, cost advantages, large talent pool. Growth in Aerospace & Aviation will lead to increased demand for aircraft manufacturing as well.

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