8613-Sweepers and Related Labourers

Job Title: 

Sweepers and Related Labourers

Job Description: 

Sweepers and related labourers sweep and clean streets, parks, airports, stations and other public places.


Beating dust out of carpets by using a carpet-beater

Linked Education ( CESM Codes ) : 

913 - Public Health

Specific Occupations: 

861301 - Street Sweeper Operator
Description : Operates plant to clean streets and gutters of litter and debris.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Park / Gardens Cleaner, Road Sweeper

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source : Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) 2013, Department of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa