6842-Shotfirers and Blasters

Job Title: 

Shotfirers and Blasters

Job Description: 

Shotfirers and blasters, position, assemble, and detonate explosives at mining, quarrying and demolition sites.


Assembling, or directing other workers to assemble, primer charges using detonators and explosive cartridges, and attaching electrical wires, fuses and detonating cords to primers

Linked Education ( CESM Codes ) : 

817 - Mining and Mineral Engineering

Specific Occupations: 

684201 - Shotfirer
Description : Assembles, positions and detonates explosives for surface blasting.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Seismograph Shooter

684202 - Blaster
Description : Fill blast holes with explosives and detonate explosives to dislodge coal, ore and rock or to demolish structures.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Mining / Quarrying Blaster

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source : Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) 2013, Department of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa