3412-Social Work Associate Professionals

Job Title: 

Social Work Associate Professionals

Job Description: 

Social work associate professionals administer and implement social assistance programs and community services and assist clients to deal with personal and social problems.


Assisting clients to identify and access community resources including legal, medical and financial assistance housing, employment, transportation, assistance with moves, day care and other referral services

Linked Education ( CESM Codes ) : 

2008 - Social Work
1005 - Human Development, Family Studies and Related Services

Specific Occupations: 

341201 - Community Worker
Description : Facilitates community development initiatives and collective solutions within a community to address issues, needs and problems associated with recreational, health, housing, employment and other social services matters.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Auxiliary Community Development Worker, Community Development Facilitator, Community Development Officer, Community Development Worker

341202 - Disabilities Services Officer
Description : Works in a range of adult service units which provide education and community access to people with intellectual, physical, social and emotional disabilities.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Orthopaedic Case Coordinator, Serious Injury Case Manager

341203 - Social Auxiliary Worker
Description : Assists the work of social services professionals by providing services and counselling support to individuals, families and communities.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Community Service Worker, Crisis Intervention Worker, Family Service Worker, Life Skills Instructor, Mental Health Worker, Welfare Support Worker, Women's Shelter Supervisor

341204 - Auxiliary Child and Youth Care Worker
Description : Assists young people as individuals or groups to solve social, emotional, developmental, behavioural and financial problems in an agency framework.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No

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Source : Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) 2013, Department of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa