2529-Database and Network Professionals not Elsewhere Classified

Job Title: 

Database and Network Professionals not Elsewhere Classified

Job Description: 

This unit group covers database and network professionals not Elsewhere classified in minor group 252.


Conferring with users to discuss issues such as computer data access needs, security violations, and programming changes

Specific Occupations: 

252901 - ICT Security Specialist
Description : Establishes, manages and administers an organisation's ICT security policy and procedures to ensure preventive and recovery strategies are in place, and minimise the risk of internal and external security threats.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Database Security Expert, ICT Security Architect, Information Technology Security Manager, Internet Security Architect / Engineer / Consultant, Security Administrator

252902 - Technical (ICT) Support Services Manager
Description : Manages and controls systems and network engineering support service functions, including strategy, support for business development, quality of service and operations.ÿ Ensures specialist technical expertise and support in installing, testing, tuning, optimising, diagnosing problems, repairing, upgrading and maintaining both externally and internally supplied networks, hardware and systems software.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : NoTrade : No

Source Of Info: 

Source : Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) 2013, Department of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa