2164-Town and Traffic Planners

Job Title: 

Town and Traffic Planners

Job Description: 

Town and traffic planners develop and implement plans and policies for the controlled use of urban and rural and for traffic systems. They conduct research and provide advice on economic, environmental and social factors affecting land use and traffic flows.


Advising governments, companies and communities on urban and regional planning issues and proposals

Linked Education ( CESM Codes ) : 

202 - City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning

Specific Occupations: 

216401 - Urban and Regional Planner
Description : Develops and implements plans and policies for the controlled use of urban and rural land, and advises on economic, environmental and social needs of land areas.
Green Occupation : Yes
Green Skill : NoTrade : No
Specializations : Community / Country / District Planner, Environmental Consent Planner, Environmental Policy Planner, Geothermal Resource Officer, Land Development Planner, Land Planner, Land Use Planner, Natural Resource Management Consultant / Officer / Planner, Town Planner, Traffic and Transport Planner

216402 - Transport Analyst
Description : Conducts studies in the use and operation of transportation systems and develops transportation models or simulations.
Green Occupation : No
Green Skill : YesTrade : No
Specializations : Logistics Analyst, Transportation Planners

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Source : Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO) 2013, Department of Higher Education and Training, Republic of South Africa