9329-Manufacturing labourers not elsewhere classified

Job Title: 

Manufacturing labourers not elsewhere classified

Job Description: 

Manufacturing labourers not elsewhere classified assist the work of machine operators and assemblers and perform a variety of manual tasks in manufacturing, excluding packing and labelling finished products.


Tasks include

  • conveying goods, material, equipment, etc. to work area, removing finished pieces
  • loading and unloading vehicles, trucks and trolleys
  • clearing machine blockages, cleaning machinery, equipment and tools
  • carrying out manual sorting of products or components.
Specific Occupations: 

Bottler (hand)/ Sorter, (bottle/ Rag)/ Cellarhand, wine production/Hand, cellar: wine production/Hand, factory/Handler, material: manufacturing/Labourer, factory/Winder, filament: hand

Doffer, cloth/ Duster (tyre)/ Grainer (zinc)/ Hand, cannery/ Hand, shuttle

Mould catcher (glass manufacturing)/ Bubble cooler (glass manufacturing)/ Press cutter (glass manufacturing)/ Sandwasher (glass manufacturing)

Pegging boy (textiles)/ Joiner, thread (rubber)/ Table man (textiles)/ Starch mixer

Reacher (drawer in assistant)/ Operator, proofing/ Supplier, type/ Repairer (reed/heald/ plastic) / Washer, hand (carcass/ cloth/yarn/ fiber/ manufacturing process. )

Attendant (oil tank/ water softener tank)/ Mixer (size, textiles/ water proof solution) Striker (blacksmith?s)/ Trimmer (rubber)/Blocker out (glass)/Boxer(hand packing)/ Operator ,ripping/ machine(tobacco)/Operator, splitting. machine(tobacco)/ Presser(glass)/Labourer, manufacturing

General worker, leaf department (tobacco)

Charger (battery)/ Repairman ( armature/ coil/ transformer/ assembling)/ Maker, pot (tubes)/ Moulder, autoclave/ Kierman (bleaching)/ Labourer, wine production/ Lampman/ Lifter, jack/ Winder(rotor/stator/ transformer) (hand)/ Assistant workshop/Winder, ciol/armature (hand)

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2431