9211-Crop farm labourers

Job Title: 

Crop farm labourers

Job Description: 

Crop farm labourers perform simple and routine tasks in the production of crops such as fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables on farms.


Tasks include

  • digging and shovelling to clear ditches or for other purposes
  • loading and unloading supplies, produce and other materials
  • raking, pitching and stacking straw, hay and similar material
  • watering, thinning, and weeding crops by hand or using hand tools
  • picking fruit, nuts, vegetables and other crops
  • planting and harvesting field crops, such as rice, by hand
  • grading, sorting, bunching and packing produce into containers
  • performing minor repairs on fixtures, buildings and fences.
Specific Occupations: 

Labourer, farm (casual/seasonal)

Labourer, farm (field crops)/ Helper (farm)/ Hand, harvest

Picker/ Cutter (cotton/ fruit/ tea/ herbs/ vegetables/ sugar cane)/ Planter, cane

Hand, farm: cotton picking/ field crops/ fruit picking/ orchard/Hand, farm: tea

pLlaubcokuinregr , farm( cotton/ rice farm)

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2421