8343-Crane, hoist and related plant operators

Job Title: 

Crane, hoist and related plant operators

Job Description: 

Crane, hoist and related plant operators operate and monitor stationary and mobile cranes and other hoisting equipment.


Tasks include

  • operating and monitoring stationary or mobile cranes by raising and lowering jibs and booms, to lift, move, position or place equipment and materials
  • operating and monitoring equipment for hoisting, lowering or raising workers and materials on construction sites or in mines
  • operating and monitoring ski-lifts and similar equipment
  • operating and monitoring machinery used to haul ferry or barge with goods, passengers and vehicles across short stretches of water
  • operating and monitoring machinery to open and close bridge for the passage of road and water traffic
  • operating and monitoring cranes equipped with dredging attachments to dredge waterways and other areas
  • operating cranes mounted on boats or barges to lift, move and place equipment and materials.
Specific Occupations: 

Crane-operator ((bridge)/ (crawler)/ (floating)/ (locomotive)/ (mobile)/ (railway)/ (stationary jib)/ (tower)/ (tractor)/ portal))

Driver (overhead crane/ stripper crane/ hoist machine)/ Driver/operator, cage (mine)/ Driver, cable railway/ funicular/Onsetter, mine

Operator, (conveyer/ bridge (any type)/ boat (derrick)/ chair-lift/cable car/ donkey engine/ elevator (material-handling)/ ropeway (aerial)/ winch/ capstan/ sluice (dock)/ lock (canal or port)/ turntable (railway)/ weighbridge)/ Hoistoperator (construction)/ (mine)/ (tugger))

Panman (assistant) (rubber manufacturing)/ Attendant, elevator/ Lock-keeper (canal or port)/ Gunner (crane)/ Banksman, mine

Onsetter (mine)/ Winding engineman (mine)/ Pressman, hydraulic/ Slinger

(Mcraasnteer)/ Attendant (dry dock)/ Sluiceman, dock

Operator, cable railway/Operator, funicular/Operator, lock: canal or port/ Operator, machine: electrical line installation/Operator, merry-go-round/ Operator, roller coaster/Operator, ski-lift

Tender, skip

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2412