8181-Glass and ceramics plant operators

Job Title: 

Glass and ceramics plant operators

Job Description: 

Glass and ceramics plant operators operate and monitor kilns, furnaces and other machinery and equipment used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, porcelain, tiles or bricks. They operate machines to anneal, harden or decorate glass and ceramics.


Tasks include

  • operating and monitoring glass-making furnaces to make glass by melting and fusing pre-mixed ingredients tending hot- or cold-end spray equipment used to coat glassware with surface hardener operating and maintaining machines that press or blow molten glass in moulds to form or shape containers, such as bottles, jars and drinking glasses operating hand press to mould glass into required shape operating drawing kiln to process molten glass into continuous sheet of flat glass operating and monitoring floating-glass production plant operating and maintaining finishing machines to grind, drill, sand, bevel, decorate, wash or polish glass or glass products setting and operating press machines to mould ceramic articles from moist clay. operating machines to mix clay with water to knead it into a suitable plastic condition or semi-liquid form for making ceramic products operating and monitoring kilns which bake pottery, porcelain ware and bake bricks and tiles
  • operating and monitoring machines for making glaze or abrasives
  • operating and monitoring machines which extrude molten glass to form fibreglass filaments
  • observing finished products to identify splits, cracks, breaks, colour and other imperfections.
Specific Occupations: 

Attendant, lehr/ Checker, lehr (glass manufacturing)/dipping machine (ceramics decorating)

Foreman (bottle machine/ forming department/ glass melting/ mold makers/ mold shop/ sheet glass/ sheet glass cutting/ burner (brick and tile))/Fireman, pottery oven/ Setter-in, kiln (ceramics)/ Ovenman, pottery and porcelain/ Furnaceoperator, annealing (glass)/ glass production/ lehr Furnace-operator, smelting (glass)/ tempering (glass)

Kiln-operator, float-glass bath/ Bedder, pottery and porcelain/ Emptier, kiln/ware (ceramics)/ Maker, crucible (saggars)/ Lathe-operator, glass/ Operator, kiln( biscuit (pottery and porcelain)/biscuit (tile)/ glost (pottery and porcelain)/ glost (tile)/ oven (pottery and porcelain)/ porcelain/ pottery/ retort (brick and tile)/ tile/ Operator, machine( glass bottle production/grinding (clay)/ mixing (glass)/ mixing (glaze)/Operator, pug-mill: clay

Machine-operator(etch-ing) (glass)/ finishing/polishing (glass)/ glass -drawing (horizontal)/ glass production/products/ polishing (glass lens)/ pottery and porcelain production /, pressing (glass)/ rolling (plte-glass) mold -press (glass)/ bending(glass)/ blowing(glass)/ / ceramics production/ cutting (glass)/ drawing (glass)/ engraving /plating

Operator, (ladle (glass)/ pantograph, (glass decorating)/ sandblasting equipment (glass)/ die-press, (pottery and porcelain)

Machine-operator , ( grinding (lens)/ mold press/ moulding/ grinding(glass) / ceramics production/ casting (pottery and porcelain)/ drilling (pottery)/ painting(ceramics/ glass)/ pottery and porcelain production) bottle production/ glass production (rod/tube)

Foreman, (mixing glass/ press operation (mechanical/ brick and tile)/ clay mixing (mechanical)/Fireman, oven (brick and tile)/ (Miller/ Wedger) clay/ Machinist

(Mbraicchki)n e-operator,( glass-fibre/ glaze) production/ mixing (abrasives/ glass)/ clay slips production/ (grinding /mixing)clay/ Operator, (crog mill / pug-mill) clay/ Press

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2397