8160-Food and related products machine operators

Job Title: 

Food and related products machine operators

Job Description: 

Food and related machine operators set, operate and attend machinery used to slaughter animals, trim meat from carcasses; bake, freeze, heat, crush, mix, blend and otherwise process foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco leaves.


Tasks include

  • operating and monitoring machinery used to restrain, stun, slaughter animals and trim carcasses into standard meat and fish cuts
  • setting, operating and attending machinery and ovens to mix, bake and otherwise prepare bread and flour confectionery products
  • operating machinery to crush, mix, malt, cook and ferment grains and fruits to produce beer, wines, malt liquors, vinegar, yeast and related products
  • attending equipment to make jam, toffee, cheese, processed cheese, margarine, syrup, ice, pasta, ice- cream, sausages, chocolate, maize starch, edible fats and dextrin
  • operating equipment to cool, heat, dry, roast, blanch, pasteurize, smoke, sterilize, freeze, evaporate and concentrate foodstuffs and liquids used in food processing
  • mixing, pulping, grinding, blending and separating foodstuffs and liquids with churning, pressing, ieving, grinding and filtering equipment
  • (g) processing tobacco leaves by machine to make cigarettes, cigars, pipe and other tobacco products.
Specific Occupations: 

Machine-operator (sterilizing/canning/freezing /curing/processing products / preserving) (meat/fish) / Operator, autoclave (meat and fish) /centrifuge (fish oil)/ washing (carcasses)

Foreman/ Machine-operator (dairy products/milk powder production /milk processing / cooling / pasteurizing/cheese making/freezing) /Operator (churn/ separator/drier/ homogenizer/sterilizer/ emulsifier) (dairy products)/ Viscoliser/ spray plant (milk processing)/vacuum pan (condensed milk)

Foreman/ Machine-operator (milling/separating/cleaning/hulling/husking) (grain/corn/ rice/ spices/ mustard seeds)/Miller, garammasalah/ Silk man, grain milling

Machine-operator(Bakery/confectionery products/cereal products/chocolate products / confectionery production/ cutting (sugar confectionary)/ enrobing (sugar,confectionary)/ noodle production/bread/bakery production/pastry production/ mogul (sugar confectionery)/moulding machine((bakery products)}/Operator, moulding machine (Bakery products/confectionery)/ Dividerman(bakery products)

Machine-operator/ Operator/{Freezing(fruit/vegetable)/ canning(fruit/vegetable)/ dehydrating (foodstuffs)/ drying (foodstuffs)/ edible (oil production)/ foodprocessing (fruit/vegetable /juice /roduction(fruit/vegetable)/ margarine /rocessing/ milling (oil-seed)/ refining (oils and fats)/washing (fruit/vegetable)/ blanching (edible nuts)/nut-grinding/sterilising (fruit/vegetable)/Mistry, hardening (edible oil)/Operator, autoclave (oils and fats)/Operator, churn (margarine)/ Operator, evaporation equipment (food essences)/Operator, hydrogenation equipment (oils and fats)/Operator, vacuum oven (foodstuffs)/Operator, vacuum pan (food essences)/Press-operator, edible (oils)/ Blender (oils and fats)

Machine-operator, refining (sugar)/ sugar production/ Boiler, sugar/Crusher man / sugar)/Fireman, kiln (sugar)/Foreman, filtration (sugar)/Foreman, melt house(sugar)/Foreman, mill platform(sugar)/Foreman, pulphouse (sugar)/Foreman, refining (sugar/ Operator{( battery (sugar)/ carbonation equipment (sugar refining)/ centrifugal (sugar)/ crystallizing equipment (sugar refining)/ granulator (sugar)/ grinding equipment (sugar-cane)/ melter (sugar)/ melthouse drag (sugar)/ screen (sugar refining)/ sugar processing equipment (continuous refining)}/ Press-operator, pulp (sugar beet)/ Tank man (sugar)

Machine-operator ,blending( coffee/ tea/tea leaf) / Machine-operator( coca/ coffee -bean processing)/ Winnower, cocoa-bean/ Operator, roasting equipment (coffee /cocoa-bean)

Machine-operator ( blending (spirits)/ blending (wine)/ brewing (spirits)/ distilling (spirits)/ liqueur production/ malting (spirits/ soft-drinks production/ vinegar making/ washing (bottles)/ Operator, clarifier (wine)/ cooking equipment (malt)/ cooling machine (malt liquor)/ distiller (brewery)/ fermentation /equipment (spirits)/ soda plant/ winemaking plant/ germination equipment (malting(spirits))/ malt house (malt liquor)/ Oven man (malt roaster)/Pasteurizer (malt liquor)/Pumper (brewery)/Soda room man (liquors)/Steeper, making/Carbonationman malt liquor/compounder,wine, foreman,brewing kettleman, malt liquor

Machine-operator (stripping(tobacco leaf)/ (tobacco processing)/product/ blending (tobacco)/ cigar production/ cigarette production/ cutting (tobacco leaf)/ guardite (tobacco)/ stemming tobacco)/ blender(tobacco)cutting( tobacco)/ autoclave: fruit and vegetables/ conditioner /tobacco)/ cooking equipment: malt/ , diffuser: beet sugar/ hopper (cigarettes)/ leaf department (tobacco)/ distilling (spirits)/ pasta production/: preserving (fish)/preserving (fruit)/: preserving (vegetables)/ vegetable juice production/ vegetable processing/ edible oils/ fruit/, rolling-mill, spices/ still: spirits/ vacuum-conditioner (tobacco processing)/Salter, cheese/ Maltster/ Brewer, operating machinery/ Foreman, drying machine (tobacco)

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2394