8143-Paper products machine operators

Job Title: 

Paper products machine operators

Job Description: 

Paper products machine operators operate and monitor machines which produce boxes, envelopes, bags and other goods from paper, paperboard, cardboard and similar materials.


Tasks include

  • operating and monitoring machines which glue paper to cardboard, cut it to the required length or cut and crease cardboard or paperboard to form box blanks
  • operating and monitoring pressing machines which form drinking cups or other containers from paper, paperboard or cardboard
  • operating and monitoring machines which cut, fold and glue paper to make envelopes and paper bags, or which form bags from other similar material
Specific Occupations: 

Machine-operator (Production/cutting/folding/bending(paper box)/Foreman,paper products Machine-operator (embossing (paper)/ paperboard products/ envelope and paper bag production/ paper box production/ paper products/ cardboard products/ lining (cardboard)

Machine-operator, (cellophane bag production/ polythene bag production)

Press-operator, cardboard / cutting and creasing (paper box)

Moulder, paper machine

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2385