8142-Plastic products machine operators

Job Title: 

Plastic products machine operators

Job Description: 

Products machine operators operate and monitor machines which knead and blend compounds to obtain plastic materials and which make various plastic components and articles.


Tasks include

  • operating and monitoring machines which knead and blend compounds to obtain plastic materials
  • operating and monitoring machines which shape plastic materials by moulding, extrusion, blowing, cutting and other means
  • operating and monitoring machines which laminate plastics and plastic impregnated materials or produce fibreglass
  • encasing uncoated wire, cord, cable and optic fibre in plastic
  • examining outputs for defects and conformity to specifications
  • recycling waste plastic materials
  • making artificial eyes and contact lens discs, making and repairing spectacle frames and plastic parts of orthopaedic appliances.
Specific Occupations: 

Blender/miller/mixer (plastics/cellophane bath)/Foreman, plastic products

Finisher/polisher, (plastics)

Machine-operator, (buffing/carving/ casting / compression moulding/ cutting/ drilling/ etching/ extruding/fabrication/ finishing/ injection moulding/ laminating/ moulding/grinder/ seasoner) (plastics/ plastic products)

Mechanic, bench (plastics)

Press-operator, mould (plastic)

Welder, heat (plastic)

Builder, plastic boat/Drawer, fibre: optic/Machinist, /lastic products/Moulder,

pOlpaestriact or, machine( blowing (plastic bottle)/ cellophane bag production/ plastic cable making/ polythene bag production)/Operator, press: laminated (plastics)

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2384