8141-Rubber products machine operators

Job Title: 

Rubber products machine operators

Job Description: 

Rubber-products machine operators operate and monitor machines which knead and blend rubber and rubber compounds, and produce various components and products from natural and synthetic rubber, such as moulded footwear, domestic articles, insulating materials, industrial accessories, or tyres.


Tasks include

  • (a) operating and monitoring machines which knead, mix and blend rubber and rubber compounds for further processing
  • operating and monitoring machines which produce sheets of rubber or rubberised fabric by a rolling process
  • operating and monitoring machines which extrude compounded rubber or shape vulcanised rubber by moulding
  • operating and monitoring machines which build up tires on a form, vulcanise tires and mould or rebuild used tires
  • examining outputs for defects and conformity to specifications
  • locating defects and repairing worn and faulty tyres by vulcanising or other processes.
Specific Occupations: 

Cureman ( foam rubber/ pan (rubber)/ Coagulator, latex/ Extruder, tread (rubber)/ Debagger (rubber production)/ Repairer, cover (rubber)/ tyre (machine)/ Cutter (rubber) / cameron (rubber)/ Bagger (assistant) (rubber product ion)/ Mixer, (ban bury/ mill (rubber)/ tar (rubber))/ Masticator (rubber)/ Mill man (rubber / manufacturing)/ Warmer, refiner (rubber)/Foreman ,rubber goods

Operator-machine (calendar (rubber)/ refiner (rubber)/ rubber processing plant/ rubber reclamation)/ Press-operator (rubber-embossing/rubber manufacturing)

Moulder , kynock (cycle cover ,summit press &other covers)/ Builder, bead (tyremaking)/ Press-operator, tyre-moulding

Machine-operator (coating / compounding / extruding / milling) / rubber (moulding/processing/ calenderer / dipping/ dough and solution/ embossing/ impregnating/ spooling)/ spreading/ tanning)/ Treater (latex)

Machine-operator , tyer (moulding/ rebuilding/production/vulcanising/ cycle tube production)/ patch making/ vulcanising (rubber goods except tires)/ rubber stamp production)/ Vulcanizer

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2383