8121-Metal processing plant operators

Job Title: 

Metal processing plant operators

Job Description: 

Metal processing plant operators, operate, monitor, adjust and maintain, single process machinery and equipment to process and convert mineral ores and refine, harden, roll and extrude metals.


Tasks include

  • setting up, preparing and adjusting mineral ore and metal processing machinery to carry out one step in the overall mineral ore or metal processing operation
  • operating single-function machinery to grind, separate, filter, mix, treat, cast, roll, refine or otherwise process metals and mineral ores
  • (c ) observing gauges, meters, computer printouts, video monitors and products to ensure correct operation of machine and verify specified processing conditions
  • adjusting equipment, valves, pumps, controls and process equipment
  • controlling the preparation, measuring and feeding of raw materials and processing agents into plant
  • controlling process start-up and shut-down, troubleshooting and monitoring outside process equipment
  • verifying equipment for malfunctions, carrying out routine operating tests and arranging for maintenance
  • analyzing sample products, performing tests, recording data and writing production logs.
Specific Occupations: 

Gasman/keeper/ skimmer/ pitman/tapper (ore smelting) /Charger, furnace (ore smelting and refining)

Minder, stove (blast furnace)/ Machine-operator, pig casting (open hearth)/ Operator, bell (blast furnace)

Fireman (metal melting)/ Feeder (corrugate iron)/ Shearman/Straightener/Slitter (metal)

Melter, metal/ Operator, cupola/ Tapper, furnace (metal melting)/ Heater, hot rolling mill/ Operator, oven/descaler (metal)/ Designer, roll (rolling mill)/ Chipper (blooms/billets)/ Doubler (metal sheets)

Operator, rolling mill (metal (finished products)/ metal (unfinished products)/ nonferrous metal/seamless pipe and tube/ steel (cold-rolling/ steel (continuous)/ steel (hot-rolling/billet/ blooming/cogging/ Furnace-operator, melting/ reheating (metal) (metal (cupola furnace)/ die casting/ extrusion (metal)/ forge/ hot mill/ hydraulic forging/ malleable casting)

Operator, heat-treating plant / carbonation equipment (metal)/Machine-operator ( mixing /tempering (metal))/ Furnace-operator, heat-treating / annealing / hardening (metal)

Annealer (wire drawing)/ Carboniser/Hardener/Nitrider/ Normaliser (metal)

Machine-operator, drawing ((metal/wire)/ drawing (seamless pipe/tube)/ extruding (metal)/ Classifier, aluminum/Dryer, asbestos /Ladler, /metal/Manipulator, rollingmill/ Operator extrusion press / foil-winding machine/ furnace: annealing (metal) / furnace: case-hardening (metal) / furnace: puddling/ ladle: pouring (metal)/ machine: drawing (seamless tube)/, machine: lead production/ machine: metal processing/ machine: pouring (metal) / machine: refining (metal) / plant: metal extrusion/ press: extruding (metal) / slurry equipment: metal/ uranium classifier/Pourer, ladle/Refiner, lead/Refiner, metal/Refiner, steel/Roller, steel/Shredder, scrap metal/ Machine-operator, casting (continuous rod (nonferrous metalboring)/ (die (non-ferrous metal)/ (metal)/Nitride (metal)

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2379