7523-Woodworking-machine tool setters and operators

Job Title: 

Woodworking-machine tool setters and operators

Job Description: 

Woodworking machine tool setters and operators set-up or operate and monitor automatic or semi-automatic woodworking machines, such as precision sawing, shaping, planning, boring, turning and woodcarving machines to fabricate or repair wooden parts for furniture, fixtures and other wooden products.


Tasks include

  • setting-up, programming, operating and monitoring several types of woodworking machines for sawing, shaping, boring, drilling, planing, pressing, turning, sanding or carving to fabricate or repair wooden parts for furniture, fixtures and other wooden products
  • operating preset special-purpose woodworking machines to fabricate wooden products such as coat hangers, mop handles, clothes pins and other products
  • selecting knives, saws, blades, cutter heads, cams, bits, or belts according to workpiece, machine functions and product specifications
  • installing and adjusting blades, cutterheads, boring-bits and sanding-belts, and using hand tools and rules
  • setting and adjusting various kinds of woodworking machines for operation by others
  • reading and interpreting specifications or following verbal instructions.
Specific Occupations: 

Setter/Turner, woodworking machine

Setter-operator, carving/ planing/ routing machine (woodworking)

Setter-operator(saw (fret/jig)/ shaping machine/ lathe (woodworking)/ woodworking machine))

Sawyer, (precision woodworking/ wood)/ Tuner/ borer( wood)

Woodworker(dovetailing/ dowelling/. morticing/ sanding/ tenoning)

Lathe-operator, woodworking

Machine-operator( bending (wood)/ carving (wood)/ engraving (wood)/ etching (wood)/ finishing (wood)/ furniture production/ marking (wood)/ painting (wood)/ polishing (wood)/ sports equipment (wood)/ toy production (wood)/ wood products/ woodworking/ boring (woodworking)/ cork rounding/ crayonpress/ sanding (wood working)/ wood working))/ Operator( fret-saw/ jigsaw)

Borer, wood/Machinist, wood products/Operator, machine: drilling (wood)/Operator, set-up: woodworking machine

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2363