7422-Information and communications technology installers and servicers

Job Title: 

Information and communications technology installers and servicers

Job Description: 

Information and communications technology (ICT) installers and servicers install, repair and maintain telecommunications equipment, data transmission equipment, cables, antennae and conduits and repair, fit and maintain computers.


Tasks include

  • maintaining, troubleshooting, testing and repairing computers, data transmission equipment and computer peripherals
  • fitting and adjusting computer hardware
  • installing, maintaining, repairing, and diagnosing malfunctions of microwave, telemetry, multiplexing, satellite and other radio and electromagnetic wave communications systems
  • providing technical advice and information, and monitoring the performance of complex telecommunications networks and equipment
  • installing and repairing cabling for computer, radio, telephone and television transmission
  • joining telecommunications and data cables and sealing sheathes
  • installing, maintaining and repairing antennae used in communications.
Specific Occupations: 

Fitter, electronics equipments (information &communications) / Repairer, television/radio/ Mechanic(telephone/telegraph/computer)/ Repairer, telecommunications equipment/ Servicer, communications technology/ Mechanic(television/radio)/ Repairman(telephone/telegraph/computer)

Maintainer, section (telephone/telegraph/computer)/ Foreman (radio mechanic/television mechanic)

Jointer ,cable, (telephone/telegraph)/ Cable man ,telephone/telegraph/ Jointer , cable/ Line worker ,telephone/telegraph/ Tester ,cable/ Puller, cable (cable laying)/ Installer)(telephone/telegraph/computer)

Foreman, installation (telephone and telegraph)

Erector, aerial (communication)/ Erector, aerial (radio/television)

Cabler, data/Cabler, telecommunications/ Foreman, line (telephone/telegraph)

Technician( communications: telecommunications/ computer: hardware

Worker( cable: data/ cable: telecommunications/ cable: telegraph/ cable: telephone/ line: telecommunications/Worker, line: telegraph/ line: telephone/ wire: telegraph/ wire: telephone)

Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2354